Friday, October 30, 2015

October 28 - 30

The girls were going to be "their" animals this year (turtle, dolphin, and zebra) for Halloween.  Cece's costume on the website said it was a small, and the sizing chart said that meant a 4.  I figured it would be big but workable.  When the package came, it said small size 6-7.  Way too big!  Oh, well.  Cece wore a cute zebra dress we already had, and now she can be a zebra again in a couple of years.

Lulu loved her dolphin costume and wore it for 4 days straight.  This is the first time she tried it on.

 After 21 years of marriage, we got our first real dining room table!  Our old table we bought at a garage sale when we had been married about a year.  It has been fine but it is really small.  Our new table has a leaf and seats 8 comfortably.  Lots of fun putting it all together!

Ellie's turn to try on her costume.  Lynnie was still wearing her dolphin - she even figured out how to buckle around it as we went to pick up Ellie from school.  The only turtle costume I could find was a Teenage Mutant Ninja costume.  I told Ellie it was a Ninja Turtle and she thought that was perfect, since she is an American Ninja Warrior.

Wednesday night we had an Activity Days party with all the girls and their moms.  Everyone was invited to wear a costume and my absolute favorite was Ashli, who was Napolean's mom.

I got to make a few treats and it was a comedy of errors.  It reminded me why I just don't do cute treats.  The bones are just marshmallows and pretzels dipped in white chocolate.  I was melting my white chocolate and thought it looked too thick, so I added a little heavy cream.  Then it wouldn't stick to the pretzels, so I dumped it.  Luckily, I had some white chocolate chips in food storage so I started over.  I put half the bag in to melt in the microwave and went to change Cece  while it was going.  When we got back, the chocolate had completely burned.  In 30 seconds.  So I dumped that and tried the other half of the bag.  For 15 seconds.  Then I was able to successfully make about 10 of those things and I was out of supplies.

Ellie's school gym is too small to have parents come to the costume parade :(  On the school's facebook page they posted pictures, and I spotted Ellie sitting on the floor behind this cute girl.

Cece has really been into dolls lately.  She will sign doll and has to sleep with at least one doll.  This time she wrapped up a little doll in a scarf and thought that was perfect.

I love when the girls engage in creative play, like making boats.  And doing art projects while sitting in their boats.

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