Friday, October 9, 2015

September 29 - October 9

Cece loves to brush her teeth while I do her hair.  I had to take this picture, because for the first time, Cece wanted to wear a headband.  And she left it in for quite a while that morning.

I was mopping with my new Norwex mop (and I love it!), and Cece ran to the laundry room and got the Swiffer to help me.

This cute climber can get in the van by herself now.  She loves to do it, too.  The problem?  She climbed up in the back by Lynlee and would not move.  Such a big girl!

Our first SEP was a fun day.  I signed up to help with the Teacher Appreciation Committee, and there was a teacher luncheon that day.  Lynnie, Cece, and I went to help set up, and then got Ellie when the bell rang.  I didn't even think through that we would need to stick around and help clean up, and I didn't have snacks or a lunch packed.  So we quickly ran to the Burger King across the street (a real treat, since we very rarely eat fast food).  There were 5 cars in line ahead of us, and it took 34 minutes to purchase 6 chicken nuggets, a small fry, and a chocolate milk.  We got back to the school at just the right time to help clean up.  When that was finished, we had about 10 minutes before our SEP was scheduled to begin, so we went and played on the playground.  Greg came and joined us, and we had a nice meeting with Miss Fox.  She only said wonderful things about Ellie.  My favorite comment was that Ellie is always looking for ways to help her classmates, and she is unfailingly polite.

Love this peek into Ellie's desk.  It is nice and organized, and she loves using the pencil box that Tayler gave her.

This.  This makes my heart so happy, that Ellie is so confident in her abilities.

Greg has been hopping up and getting Cece on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in a little.  Nothing sweeter than being woken up by these cuties.  Ellie snuck in my room to get the iPad, which was charging by my bed. Cece came after her and it always amazes me how well Cece can work the iPad and the iPhone!

One of our favorite weekends is here:  General Conference.  Lynlee took lots of good notes.

Our Primary leaders made a General Conference workbook, and Ellie very seriously worked on it all weekend.

Between sessions, we ran over to visit Grandpa, Grandma, Tammy, and Daniel.

On Sunday morning, we got all ready and took the girls to the church to watch a session (first time!).  There were 6 other people there, so we doubled attendance.   And were a little bit disruptive.  But the girls did awesome most of the time.

On Friday night, Greg sent me off for some retail therapy (to get a new diaper bag) as a break, and I found this darling dress for Cece.  It reminded me of {R} and I had to get it.  So then I found some new shirts for E and L so all the girls got a present.    
After the last session of Conference, my extended family came over to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Ellie spent some time making decorations for Grandma.

Lyssa carried Lynlee piggy back style, all while dishing up her plate.  It was an impressive sight.

. :  family scripture study on a perfect fall night : .

Cece is really loving her ASL playgroup.  She has fun doing the activities and playing.  It was especially fun today because a new friend, Jack, came.  I love going because Kristi, the teacher, is so patient and nice and is teaching me so much ASL.  The lesson today was on body parts and Cece though it was pretty cool to put stickers on her face.

In Let's Play Music, Lulu gets to sing a song and play a game about catching a fox and putting it in a box.  With UPSTART, she was learning about the letter X.  On this picture game, there was a fox and a box, and Lu was pretty proud of herself for putting the fox in the box.  We took a picture and texted it to Miss Sheryl.  And even more exciting was that the song on the next activity was the same song from class. 

It's always fun to play at the park, and even more fun when Albert and Kanish meet us there!  Melissa Keck told us about a fun new park in Traverse Mountain so we tried it out.  Then we went to Thanksgiving Point for an ice cream cone.  Ellie had a lot of fun playing with Hannah instead of coming with us.

Cece has figured out that signing is a way to communicate.  She signs all. the. time and it is awesome.  I had to fill out a MacArthur form for the PIP program, and that helped me count up.  Cece will spontaneously use 120 signs.  She also understands more than that and will copy almost any sign she sees.

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