Friday, October 16, 2015

Uncle Ed's Funeral

Greg's Uncle Ed (his dad's brother) passed away on October 12, and his funeral was on the 16th.  We woke the girls up at 5 a.m. and were on the road by 5:15.  Ellie was so cute.  She sat right up and said, "I know, I have to get up earlier than a school day because it's vacation.  I'm ready!"  She was so happy :)

We were happy we beat all of the morning traffic and were humming along.  Cece was just starting to nod back off when there was a loud thumping noise.  Lynnie said, "what's that noise?  Is that a helicopter?"

Greg immediately started maneuvering from the carpool lane to the right shoulder.  We got out and surveyed the damage:  the rear passenger tire had blown out and was completely shredded.  It was pretty comical because yesterday I took the van in to get the oil changed, the tires rotated and inspected, and asked them to check why my tire light was on.  The guy said everything looked good.  Guess that light was on for a reason.

We went to the back of the van to get the spare tire, and Greg couldn't find it.  He got the jack out, but could not see a tire hanging under the van.  We were freaking out a little.  When we bought our van, it didn't have an owner's manual.  Thank goodness for Google.  I googled "honda odyssey spare tire" and the first image that popped up showed us that the spare tire was inside the back panel, behind Ellie's seat.  So we got that out and changed the tire.  At 6:30 a.m.  In the freezing cold.  Well, I was freezing, since my job was to hold the flashlight and the donut tire.  Greg was hot because he was working hard.

After getting everything situated, we limped up the shoulder a few hundred feet and exited the highway.  Then we slowly made our way on back roads to the Master Muffler in Clearfield (Greg has a connection with them through Money Mailer).  They didn't open until 8, but Greg knocked on the door when we got there around 7:20.  The nice worker guy opened the door and helped us right then.  Unfortunately, he didn't have the tires we needed.  He sent us back down the road to the Discount Tire in Layton.  We had to wait for them to open at 8, but they got us right in and back on the road by 8:35, with four new tires.

Tammy and cousin Dave, and Paul, Staci and their kids, came and hung out with us.  They all left a couple of hours later and it fit right in their schedule.  As we were hopping out of the van to go in the tire store, Ellie took a picture of the tire.  It looks perfectly normal from this angle!

The girls loved playing with the train table while we were waiting.

Cece would collect all the trains and put them in the drawer.  That got Lulu a little frustrated.  We signed "share" a lot.

 . : pictures by Ellie : .

We headed to McDonald's for a quick breakfast before getting on the road again.

Where's your belly button?  Here it is!

We got to Rigby at the perfect time for the viewing and funeral.  Cece never napped in the van, so she was pretty done.  I took her into the mother's lounge and listened to the service in there.  It was so cold, even I was shivering.  Luckily I had a jacket that I used to wrap Cece up in, and she slept warmly for her nap.

When Cece woke up, I went and found everyone at the luncheon.

I didn't really take pictures of the people there, except for this fantastic shot of Kiera.  It was nice to reconnect with Greg's cousins.

When it was time to go, we caravanned home with Paul & Staci.  We stopped by the Idaho Falls temple to show the girls where mommy and daddy were sealed.  Of course we had to drive past Grandma Lil's house, which is literally across the street from the temple.  We used to visit Grandma Lil regularly when we were at Ricks.  She worked at the temple and Greg's cousin Sarah lived with her.  Sarah is married with 3 grown up girls -- the oldest is a senior in high school.  So many memories!

Ellie needed to use the restroom, and the Visitor's Center was open.  I took her in, and we watched the presentation with the Christus.  Ellie thought everyone should see it, so we went outside and invited them all to come in.

Thanks for taking our pictures, Parker!

Ellie and Kyralyn enjoyed the scavenger hunt where they got to run around and mark off things they found.  Ellie is signing "Jesus" here.  I love that Cece was more interested in looking at Jesus than at the camera.  

Lulu wanted a picture with Parker, since they are both the middle-est (middle child).

We drove to Pocatello and had dinner with the group and then headed home.  The girls conked out and it was a peaceful ending to our good "vacation" day.  We were home before 11 p.m.

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