Saturday, October 10, 2015

Utah Lake

We drive home from violin lessons over Suncrest (it's 5:40 and I don't want to deal with the traffic on the point).  It's a beautiful drive, and a bonus is that we can spot all of the girls temples:  Cece/Jordan River; Lynlee/Draper; and Ellie/Mt Timpanogos.  We also have great views of the valleys and Utah Lake.  Lynlee has become fascinated with Utah Lake and gets excited every time we spot it.  She has been asking to go visit it for a while, and we finally made it happen.

I don't know what Ellie was imagining, but she freaked herself out and was whiny and nervous all morning and on the drive over.  But when we got there, she immediately loved it and couldn't get enough of it.  And Lynlee was not a fan.  She didn't like that her feet got all dirty from the lake bed, and there was "seaweed" in the lake when we were washing her feet off.  It was her turn to freak out.

Cece was fine as long as Daddy was holding her.  She didn't want to walk around.

Sometimes there is a lot of drama with our beautiful girls.  Lynnie was screaming and crying and would not dip her feet in the water, even as I was holding her and trying to help.  Didn't I mention the seaweed?  I got Ellie all cleaned up and her shoes back on, and then went to retrieve our ball.  It had a couple of dried dirt spots on it, which I chose to ignore.  As I was trying with Lu again, Ellie tried to be a helper and took the ball to the water to wash it off.  Except she had been asked to stay out of the water since she was clean, and she ended up falling and soaking her shorts, as well as getting her feet and shoes all dirty again.  So then she was crying.  

It was super fun.

This beautiful one just calmly sat on her rock and took it all in.

We walked around and found a spigot on a grassy area, and got cleaned up for real.  It was a fun adventure!

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