Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 11 - 24

All three girls have been hit this week with a bug that includes throwing up and a fever.  Ellie caught it first, then Cece & I, and then Lynlee.  You know she is sick when she falls asleep in the van on the way home in the afternoon and sleeps through getting pulled out and put on the chair.  She slept there until I was ready to go to bed and I put her in her own bed.

Take a closer look at that sweet face.

Cece usually tries to grab Ellie's violin during practice time.  While I was bathing Cece this night, Ellie made C her own personalized violin.  It was the sweetest thing!

Loved this piece of homework Ellie came home with.  Miss Fox read a story from the perspective of the big bad wolf.  In answer to the question,  "Do you believe the Wolf in The True Story of the Three Little Pigs?," Ellie said:

I don't think the wolf was telling
the truth because a wolf don't tock {talk} and
tell the truth.

Cece's favorite sign right now is ELEPHANT.  I caught her showing it to Daddy.

Greg's first basketball game of the season -- he's all packed and ready to go!

We are "interviewing" surgeons and audiologists as we try to decide if we should implant Cece with a cochlear implant.  I thought Cece was on the mend, but she fell asleep on me about 10 minutes into the appointment.  She woke up just in time to throw up (spectacularly!) all over the waiting room and then go home.  My friend Erin, in a crazy coincidence, was in the waiting room for an appointment with her son, and we were chatting as I was putting Cece's coat on her.  Erin was invaluable in marshaling supplies for me as I cleaned up the mess. We made quite an, ahem, impression on that doctor's office!

Lynlee has been on quite a smoothie kick lately.  As long as the final color is purple-ish, she will put in lots of spinach.  And then lots more blueberries to make it sweet.  Her preferred recipe is a little bit of juice, water, a cutie orange, a go-gurt, spinach, and blueberries.  And lots of ice.

Our garage fridge was an old one we inherited when Uncle Glenn got divorced years ago.  It quit working a few months ago and we have slowly adjusted to having less fridge space.  Greg's parents got a new fridge and graciously offered to let us have their old fridge.  Greg and his dad, with Daniels' expert directing skills, got the fridge loaded and over to our house.  It sure is nice to have space to buy more than 2 gallons of milk at a time!  This is saving me lots of trips to the grocery store.

Lynlee got to go on a date with Albert and Kanisha, and Ellie, Cece, and I helped Greg organize and clean out the garage.

Cece loves syrup.  She will dip her pancake in it, lick the syrup off, and repeat.  Sometimes she will actually take a bite, but mostly it is just licking.

Kanisha gave Lynlee some cute new clothes, and we had to take a picture to send to her.

Ellie had the awesome idea to walk to church.  Cece was still getting better and it was a little cold, so Cece and I trailed the big girls in the van.  They looked so grown up, and yet so little, holding hands and walking along in their matching church coats.

We got to go to Adam's birthday party.  So much fun to see him and the rest of the family!

Another new shirt from Kanisha.  It says, "are you kitten me?"  So cute.

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