Monday, November 30, 2015

November 27 - 30

An annual BCLs event is Black Friday shopping.  In some of the past years, Greg had a basketball game and I would go for the hours he was available to be home.  The last few years he has chosen not to have a game, and I can play with my friends all day long.  This year we started at 8 am, shopped all day, and finished by going to a 9:50 p.m. movie.

Greg and the girls played with cousins at the Natural Curiosity Museum. I loved getting updates with cute pictures.

Cece got a short nap on Daddy's shoulder while at the museum.

While making breakfast on Saturday morning, the girls played with perler beads.  I love that Cece has started posing for the camera.  She loves to make silly faces and then wants to see herself in the photo.

A few years ago, Julie took me to her friend's moving sale, and got us in an hour before it officially started.  That friend had one daughter who had barely worn many of her numerous outfits.  I completely cleaned out the size 5s and above, and got about 20 pairs of shoes and boots (all for about $150, if I remember correctly).  Many of the outfits still had tags on them.  My favorite find at that sale were these Christmas dresses.  I got all three because there were 3, in size 4, 5, and 6.  I had no idea that Cece would join our family then, but how grateful I was to have coordinating dresses for all three of our gorgeous girls!

We did a quick photo shoot, and it was hilarious.  It is hard to get all of them to stand still, let alone to get them to look at me!

We tried holding hands.

Cece thought that was fun.

Lynnie got mad that Cece pulled away.

So Lynlee quit the photo shoot.

I tried again with the green dress girls

Lynlee stomped her foot and said, "FINE!  I will be in the picture."

That didn't last long.

Love these girls and their personalities!  If you look back, you will see Ellie obediently standing still and trying to be good for each picture.  Cece is her happy, baby self.  And Lynlee is a spitfire.  It was a perfect 5 minutes.

Ellie loves going to her allergy doctor for NAET treatments.  Cece and Lynlee are used to the routine now as well.  Cece was being hilarious this day, just wanting Ellie to hold her.  Cece was trying to put a barrette in E's hair.

Cece kept on giving the sweetest loves.

While Ellie is getting her treatment, Lynlee and Cece either sit with me in the chairs or stand on the wall and watch.  Cece had pulled out the fruit leathers for their snack before we went in, so they happily kept on munching.

The muscle response testing is Ellie's favorite part.  We love Dr Kofford!

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