Thursday, November 26, 2015


We love to host Thanksgiving at our house!  This year we had a relatively small crowd, with Grandpa & Grandma, Tammy, Daniel, Rod, Jasmine, Byron, Tanya, David, Andrew, Emily, Kent, Jessica, Denver, Baylee, and Brayden. Only 21 all together. 

The girls helped me start preparations on Monday.  We even set up the tables, complete with place settings, on Wednesday.  On Thanksgiving morning, the girls were so cute to take a quiet minute to snuggle on the couch together.

Greg started a tradition years ago to make pies on Thanksgiving morning.  Ellie is becoming quite the helper.  We love making it a family affair.  Cece was more interested in watching YouTube Kids on the iPad than helping.

Tammy and Daniel were the first to arrive. Tammy went to work slicing up the famous Spencer "Hors d'Oeurves" that she made.  Tammy also brought with her this impressive vegetable tower that Grandma made.

I was struck by the cousins table.  One of my fears back in the midst of our infertility was that if/when we had children, they wouldn't have any cousins to play with  because everyone else was done.  That has turned into an unfounded fear, an I am so grateful.

I didn't get great picture of the abundance of food, but we had 11 different  types of pie.

Denver and Cece had a great time playing together.

Jasmine was sick and Ellie took great care of her.

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