Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Party. And Another Party.

Lynnie loves it when Ellie gives her piggy back rides.  It's very impressive to me because they weigh the same.

Our ward hosted an excellent Whoville Christmas Breakfast.  There was a great photo booth in the foyer.

Lots of blow-up characters.

 A delicious breakfast.  And Minute To Win It games.

When we came in to the breakfast, I wrote all of our names on popsicle sticks.  I didn't know it was for participants -- no one did ;)

Greg's name was called for the very first game. Erik Taylor, the MC, was funny and made quite a joke about how that wasn't planned.

Ellie also got chosen for a game.  She was pretty nervous but did her best!

We left a teensy bit early from this party.  Greg went to his game, and I took Ellie to Alanna's house for a birthday party.  She was pretty excited, because Alanna took them all to Build A Bear.  While Ellie was playing with her friends, Lynnie talked me into having another party with her and Cece at the McDonald's playplace.

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