Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

I love that my girls just wake up at their normal time.  We didn't get downstairs to open presents until 9 a.m.  I went first and took pictures of what Santa Claus brought us.  He brought the girls Caboodles full of little treasures, like jewelry and little dolls and sunglasses.

Cece and Ellie had cat glasses in their Caboodles.  Cece tries to wear Lynnie's glasses often, so Santa must have thought that it would be good for her to have glasses of her own.

This position cracks me up.  Cece likes to rest the phone on her bottle.  It must be easier to watch YouTube kids that way.

Grandma and Grandpa braved the blizzard and stopped by around 10 to see what our presents were.  To their surprise, we hadn't even started opening yet -- still playing with our Santa presents.  They stayed for a while and enjoyed watching the girls' excitement as they unwrapped gifts.

I snapped pictures on my phone to text to people.  The girls, especially Cece, loved the toy cars from Aunt Tammy.

Cece gathered up all of the cars.  Right after I snapped this picture, Lynnie walked by and Cece fell on top  of the cars to protect them.

We have the nicest babysitter/neighbor/friend.  Brinn made the girls pajama pants for Christmas.  Such a delight!

A box of presents from Aunt Jonette.

The first present Cece was interested in opening -- at the end.  Better late than never!

Lynnie's favorite part was playing peek-a-boo in this giant gift bag.

Books from Aunt Robyn.

A better look at those darling pj's from Brinn.

What a wonderful Christmas day!  We loved the crazy snow outside and the chance to snuggle up as a family inside.  We are grateful for our warm house and all of the modern conveniences.

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