Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

We decided to head downtown and see the lights on Temple Square for Christmas Eve.  I didn't want to be out too late, so we got there around 4.  It was very nice because it was still light out and pretty much deserted.  We found a parking spot on the street right next to the Conference Center and walked over.

We first headed up to take pictures in front of the Salt Lake Temple.  As we were walking up the sidewalk, there was a group finishing up and leaving.  We waited for almost 10 minutes and not a single person walked by that we could ask to take our picture as a family.  I guess that's the downside of being there at 4:30 on Christmas Eve.

We finally decided to just take turns.

We spent some time in the South Visitors' Center, and then went over to watch the Nativity presentation.

Ellie got tired of waiting for it to start.

Cece wanted Lynlee to move.  Apparently.

As the sun was setting, more and more people showed up.  After the Nativity, we went to see the Christus.  By the time we came out of the Visitors' Center, Temple Square was packed.

We got one picture with the lights and headed home.

We got home and got the girls ready for bed.  Cece likes to sit in closets and push back against the clothes.

We went downstairs to read the Nativity from Luke 2 and 3 Nephi, and the girls liked using the puppets as we went along.

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