Friday, December 18, 2015

December 15 - 18

It is always fun to see snow first thing in the morning.

Lynlee got all ready to go and play in it.

There was some walking around, and a lot of licking snow off of her mittens.

More sleeping in the hallway that night... 

Cece loves to paint.  I love her two-handed technique.

Lynlee's current obsession is Star Wars.  It was cemented when we remembered that Albert also loves Star Wars, and he gave Lynlee a "Bunny-wan-Kenobi" for the first Christmas that we knew him (a bunny from Build-a-Bear with an Obi-Wan-Kenobi outfit).  She painted Luke, Leia, and Ewoks today.  She loves to be an artist like Albert and {M}.

Cece is good at stacking blocks.  This is one of her favorite things to do at ASL playgroup.

Lynnie had an eye doctor check today.  Over time, her appointments have gotten farther and farther apart.  After her surgery when she was 18 months old, we went every 2 months.  Then 3 months.  Now it is 7 months apart.  This appointment was our fastest yet!  We checked in and Dr Young personally came to get us less than a minute later.  She did the paperwork herself (instead of the nurse), completed the exam, and sent us on our way.  We were back to the van 15 minutes after our appointment started.  We've always had a great experience there, and this was the icing on the cake.

A highlight of going to Primary Children's-Riverton is the mural with a dolphin for Lyniie and turtles for Ellie.  We almost always have to take a picture.

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