Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 26 - 31

We had a fun Christmas party with Albert and Kanisha.  They spoiled her, giving her a Chewbacca head that roars, hair bows, and new clothes.

Kanisha did Ellie and Lynnie's hair up pretty, and then they returned the favor.

They even got Albert in on the action.

Playing in the snow is always fun.

Cece really wanted to go outside with her sisters.  I carried her down the stairs, and then she just stood in this spot for about 5 minutes, before letting me know she was ready to come back inside.

Ellie is super strong.  She likes to tell me it's because she is a Ninja Warrior.

 We love these outfits that Grandma brought back from Oman.

We had a low key New Year's Eve celebration with Grandma Camp, Tammy, and the Kinghorns.

Kelly and Greg had a serious conversation all night while the rest of us relaxed in the family room.  Cece went to bed first, around 9, Lynnie stayed awake until "midnight" when the clock said 10:00, and Ellie really did stay awake until 12:30.  She couldn't fall asleep as long as people were in the house!

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