Monday, December 14, 2015

December 7 - 14

Cece wanted to feed her baby.  They were matching.

I'm not sure what was going on here, but it sure is cute!

We enjoyed going to the Living Nativity in Alpine for our first time.  We dressed very warmly, and then were too warm as the night was in the high 30s.  But it was better that way than to be freezing.

My computer has increasingly been giving me fits.  I get this message every time I tried to turn it on. 

 Kent came and took it away after I got the blue screen of death.

Such great Christmas card helpers.  Ellie wrote notes to some special people to include in the envelopes (Tayler and Mom Julie).  Then she was done. 

We went to the Christmas Puppet Show at the library, and I captured this sweet moment of Lulu and Cece holding hands.

We love when we get to play with cousins.  Denver and Baylee came to hang out with us while Kent and Jessica went on a date.  Cece was obsessed with Baylee -- like she was a living doll.  Ellie wanted to be in charge of Baylee, and she took great care of her all night.  Lynnie and Denver had fun playing, and they declared that they are each other's favorite cousin.

After playing hard for a couple of hours, we got in pj's and watched a show.  I managed to put Cece in bed around 8:45 and got Baylee to sleep around 9.  It was a fun night!

Fun times during scripture study.

I had already met with the audiologist and surgeon at Peak ENT to discuss the possiblity of Cece getting a Cochlear Implant.  Greg and I went back together this day to finalize things and really get a feel for what Cece's future could be like if she got a CI.

The appointment must have worn them out!  They love to drink all snuggled up next to each other.

This cute girl found Ellie's wallet.  Ellie does not like Cece to play with it.  Even though Ellie was at school, Cece was smart enough to hide behind the couch before getting after it.

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