Tuesday, December 29, 2015

iPad Photo Round-Up

Sorry for the silence on the blog lately.  My computer has been broken for 3 weeks.  Kent came and took it away to fix it, and hopefully I will get it back in a day or two.  My mom went to visit Amy in Oman, and graciously allowed us to borrow her laptop while she is gone.  This way we have kept up on UPSTART and email.  But I haven't taken the time in the midst of the Christmas bustle to try and blog.  I have some pictures saved on a flash drive that I took to San Diego at the beginning of December (thinking I would blog in the hotel room, which I didn't).  I thought I would attempt to get those caught up before getting the computer back to my mom tomorrow morning.

Here are some pictures I pulled off the iPad.  

Cece trying to eat a pancake wearing Lu's owl hat.

Cece went through a phase where she only wanted to eat grapes.  Pretty much nothing else.

 Birthday celebrations with birth sister and birth brother (saved from birth mom's Instagram feed).

Ellie's first field trip of the year as a 1st grader.  Saved from Kari's Instagram feed.

The day Cece figured out how to climb up the bunk bed stairs was a scary day for me!

Lulu reading stories in Cece's room.

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