Friday, December 4, 2015

Money Mailer Convention

For the second year, I was able to attend the Money Mailer convention with Greg in San Diego.  He has learned a lot running a second business over the past 15 months, and he felt more prepared for everything this year.  Tammy and my mom were our go-to child care experts, and we are so grateful for their help in making this possible.

In preparing to go, I found myself taking random pictures of things and texting them to Tammy.  Like the way Lynlee has to have her hot dog, and the configuration of Cece's diapers.

We got up and left for our flight early Wednesday morning.  It worked out perfectly that we were gone before the girls were awake.  I think that helped the transition, especially for Cece.  We flew out from freezing cold winter to balmy perfection in San Diego.  We met up with Paul in the airport (his flight got in a few minutes before ours did) and shared a taxi to our hotel.  We had some time before the first session in the afternoon, so we wandered around and checked out the hotel, taking some pictures with the view from the rooftop pool, and then grabbed some lunch.

 I pre-uploaded lots of pictures for projects online, and got to work on Christmas presents on Greg's laptop while he and Paul were in their sessions.  I joined them for the important events -- like meals :)

Tammy was great about texting me updates.  She brought some of Daniel's toy cars for the girls to play with, and Cece was obsessed.

Kylene was able to take some time and help Tammy with the girls.  She had fun going to violin lessons with all of them.

Loved these pictures from Tammy.

 I told Tammy that I wrote little notes for Ellie's lunch, and it was so cool to find that Tammy had also written notes.  She is so sweet!

 Friday we had two catered events, a luncheon and a dinner.  They were both delicious.

We had some free time on Friday so we walked over to the harbor and picked up a few little presents for the girls.  The sun was setting and it was gorgeous out on the pier.

Our hotel looked very impressive all lit up.

I'd been watching some artists work on this snowman (sandman?) for two days.  It was pretty impressive.

Overall, this was a great way to spend time with Greg and to get my Christmas projects completed.  But reentry was hard, and it took about a week to get the girls back on schedule and back to being their normal, happy selves.

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