Friday, December 18, 2015

Santa Claus Visit

This is a busy time of year for Greg, but we wanted to get in a visit to Santa.  He texted me this morning and said he could get away a couple of hours early, so we made plans to go.  We went to the Santa at the outlet mall, and there were only two people in line in front of us, at 2 p.m. on a Friday afternoon.

Cece was not a fan of the Santa Claus visit, but Ellie and Lynnie ate it up!  They were so excited to tell Santa all about themselves and that they had been nice and good all year.  The photographer was cute and kept on shaking a rattle to get Cece to look at the camera.  I told her that Cece was deaf and moved over to wave at her, and then she kind of looked at the camera. 

Santa was stellar and tried to sign to Cece.  She just stared at him.  Santa told Ellie that he knows a quite a few words in 17 languages.  Impressive.

I like to get copies of the pictures to be able to put on the blog, and the only way to get the copyright release was to buy a CD.  Lucky for us, it came with 3 different photos.  These were the other 2 "best" of the day.  I love the way their personalities come through! 

It was fun to wait outside while Daddy was paying for our pictures.

I love this picture.  I got Cece and Lynlee outfitted, and they were just fine on the blustery day.  Greg got Ellie her RA sweatshirt, and she was freezing.

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