Monday, December 21, 2015

White Elephant Party

We celebrated Christmas break from school by doing an epic clean out of the upstairs.  We pulled every single toy out of the closet, out of the cubbies, out of the drawers by the TV in the family room -- and piled them all in Ellie and Lynnie's room.  They chose 10 toys each to keep upstairs, and the rest (minus a bunch I surreptitiously pulled out for the trash or DI) got relocated to the playroom.

We love the annual Spencer Christmas party.  We bring white elephant $5 gifts and play the stealing game.  Cece was antsy in the middle of the party, so Greg slipped home and got her ready for bed before coming back.  She always gets a second wind after her bath.

Uncle Daniel is the best!

Denver loved that she and Cece both had on Hello Kitty.

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