Friday, July 31, 2015

July 27 - 31

Lynlee's favorite movie right now is Saturday's Warrior.  She listens to the soundtrack and watches the movie as often as I will let her.  Her favorite songs are the "bad guy" songs (e.g., Zero Population, The Summer of Fair Weather, and Brace Me Up) and she will listen to those over and over again.  She gave us an impromptu concert while I was cleaning the bathroom.

We spent a fun couple of hours at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  I was brave and didn't bring in the diaper bag.  We stayed until Lynnie and Cece were ready for milk and then we went to the van to drink it on the way home.

After dance class, Ellie changed into an outfit she packed in her purse, and we walked across the street to the library.  It was a puppet show day, and we saw a little bit of that before checking out books and heading outside.  We always have to visit the Tarzan statue.

Lynlee is in the preschool class at Arete, and they start out in this little gym.  She was super lucky that her teacher was training another girl, and she was the only one in her class who showed up that day.  She got lots of practice in and her skills improved dramatically in that one session.  It was amazing!

Ellie was making a nest in the corner, and Cece just walked right up to her and plopped on her lap.  Then Cece pretended to blow her nose.  Apparently I am really loud when I blow my nose, and Cece can hear it.  She is pretty funny making all sorts of noises when she is mimicing that!

Ellie has another new sister!  See, since Hailey is her sister, then Nick and Bryson are her brothers.  And since Bryson got married, now Courtney is her sister, too!  {Isn't she lucky?}

. : matching Hello Kitty nightgowns : .

 Fun times at group lesson -- doing the Twinkle Circle.

. : dancing to Saturday's Warrior -- a bad guy song, of course : .

Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 22 - 25

Mom is making a quilt for Adam and Lauren for their wedding.  It was set up at the shower with a cute sign that said something like, "we are tying two families together -- help us tie this quilt."

OK, that is not at all what it said.  But that was the idea.

When we got to violin lessons, there was still a little bit left to do, so Cece and I sewed while we listened to lessons.

We had an adventure to the farm today.  Cece loved the ponies the best.

Ellie and Lu both rode ponies, and both did a great job!

I had some quarters, so we tried to feed the ducks.  They were all under the deck in the shade, though, and none came out to eat.  It was too hot.  We got some more food for the chickens, and they liked it a lot.  Lynnie Lu tipped hers in at the fence, and it ended up on the concrete barrier.  This chicken surprised us by flying right up and eating it.

On Thursday after group violin lessons, we had an adventure with Grandma and Aunt Amy at the zoo.  We rode the train right at the beginning, and I think it was our favorite part of the day!

. : so excited to see the zebras : .

Ellie loved having her head swallowed by the lion's mouth.

Ellie also had fun finding all of the dinosaur statues.  They scared Lynnie.  Cece didn't seem to care.

OK, maybe the carousel was the favorite.  I think the girls rode it 6 or 7 times.  Thankfully, Grandma's pass gets free rides!  I rode two times before lunch and one time after before I was done.  When did it get hard for me to go in circles?  Luckily, Grandma was not affected.

The first ride, Lynnie was a little nervous, so we sat on a bench while Ellie rode "up and down."

. : ride #2  on the peacock : .

After lunch, Amy, Cece, and I watched from a bench while the big girls and Grandma rode a few more times.  Cece liked to wave as they went by.

  . : Ellie on the turtle : .

Lynnie decided she was brave and wanted to try and go "up and down."  She was a little nervous for about 2 times up and down, and then she loved it!  She rode twice more after that.  Grandma is a good sport.

Ellie was mad about something after her shower and stomped off to sit in the hallway.  Kind Cece walked right after her, sat down by her for a minute, and then sat up and started talking to her.  Cece eventually got Ellie to laugh.  It was a golden moment of empathy.

We completed our chores Saturday morning, so we went on an adventure in the afternoon to Cabela's.  Ellie was super excited to shoot the guns,  Lynnie freaked out when Ellie (or maybe Greg) hit a target that made a water bottle squirt us with water, so she and I went out of the room and watched from a safe distance.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cecilia is 18 Months Old

So many cute pictures this month!  I couldn't narrow it down any farther :)

At 18 months of age, Cece

~ is wearing 2T clothes, size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers
~ loves to give "high 5s"
~ is very expressive at expressing her wants and desires
~ loves to run, especially if she is running after her sisters
~ likes to play with baby dolls.  She will put them on her shoulder, pat their backs, and rock back & forth.
~ is good about going to bed.  When it is time, she drinks milk & snuggles, signs "sleep," and then waves bye-bye and blows kisses as you walk her to her bed.
~ eats a variety of foods and is good about trying new things.  Her favorites right now are green smoothies, grapes, mandarin oranges, oatmeal, and cheese.
~ signs like crazy.  She likes to sign "cry" when someone else is having a meltdown.  Bird and Bug are two of her favorites.
~ watches Baby Signing Time with me almost every day and excitedly signs everything.  We like to watch at 6 a.m. while everyone else is still sleeping.  Sometimes she will let me doze, but most often she pulls my face so I am looking at her and can see her do the sign.
~ is still cautious of other people outside of our family, but is starting to realize that most people are nice
~ is a joy and a delight! Ellie said it perfectly the other day when she said, "I'm so glad Cece is in our family!  I love being her sister.  She is so cute!"

July 19 - 21

For Pioneer Day, the Primary leaders dressed up in pioneer clothes and did some pioneer activities.  Sister Bullock was kind enough to send me this picture.  Ellie put her foot in ice water, to simulate crossing the rivers in the cold.

Cece had her first nursery experience and did pretty well.  Greg had her look in the window and she pointed like she wanted to go in, so he took her in.  After about 15 minutes he was able to slip out, and I actually went to Relief Society.  About 10 minutes before the end of church, I heard a familiar cry and slipped out in the hallway.  The nursery leader was bringing Cece to me because she was done.  But a successful first try!

We love hanging out at the park.  We went to the grocery store, and then on the way home the girls were asking.  So we stopped for 15 minutes at "Miss Leda's park" {the park by her house} and had a great time.  There was milk in the van so we couldn't stay longer, and it was hardest to get Cece to be done.  She figured out how to slide all by herself and was having a fantastic time.

Cece loves to take drinks at the water fountain while Ellie and Lynnie are in dance class.

Cece's 18 month well child check was a success.  She is growing and developing normally.  Her hearing aids didn't last long after she was dressed down.  The strap was hanging loose in the back and she didn't like that.

But I don't want to stand here all by myself to get weighed when my mama is right there...

Ellie loves her friend Megan at gymnastics.

Cece had already eaten her breakfast of oranges and cheese.  Lynlee wanted toast and raspberries.  Cece climbed up on the bench and helped herself to one of Lynnie's pieces of toast.  Good thing Lynnie doesn't mind sharing!


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