Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 10 - 14

I love that Lynlee could fit a Christmas dress one more year.  She looked so little lined up to tune her violin for the recital.

Lynlee and Cece are slowly learning how to be better audience members at recitals.  We have the quiet thing down pretty well, now, but are still working on the let's-not-distract-everyone-else thing.

Ellie learned a bunch of songs and was excited to play for about half of the program.  Lynlee played Jingle Bells and was supposed to play Silent Night, but she chose not to go back up at the end.

Most of our days are busy with school and practicing and classes.  Today, Cece and I went to Kindermusik, and ...

... picked up Lynlee from school and headed to Provo for a follow-up appointment with Dr Cordingley, and ...
  (I love the expression on Sarah's face -- did you really hear that, Cece?)

... and follow-up with Dr Chaffin, and ...

... had Let's Play Music class, and ...

... had sister sharing, when Lynlee Cece wear her dolphin earrings.

Cece's last LPM Sound Beginnings class was an instrument day and super fun.

 Parachutes are always a hit.  It was fun to be back in class, since we missed a few weeks as Cece was recovering from surgery.

Ellie's last LPM class of the semester.  It is station day, and one of the stations is to sit with Miss Sheryl and play some things for her individually.

Echo Ed and Echo Edna

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Money Mailer Convention

One of the funnest things about Greg owning a Money Mailer franchise is that we get to go to the convention in December.  This was our third year going, and the second year that Paul joined us.  Greg and Paul go to classes and trainings, and I work on Christmas presents in the room & read & nap.  It's pretty awesome.

 Tammy is amazing and stays with the girls.  I never have a single worry because I know they are in the best hands.  My mom also spells Tammy on some of the days, but Tammy has needed less help every year as the girls have gotten older.  The first morning, she got the big girls to school and took Cece to hang out at her house and eat breakfast.

When we got to San Diego, our taxi driver was from Nigeria.  We had a great conversation and were excited to learn more about his beautiful country (Cece's birth dad is Nigerian).  Our driver gave us a guess of where Cece's birth dad's family is from.  He said that usually you can pinpoint the region based on the family name.  It was fascinating.  

We checked into the hotel and then walked down to the waterfront to explore a little and grab some lunch.  We tried to take a picture to show how close the restaurant was to the water for the girls, but I couldn't get the light metering right.  Just know that the water was just a few yards beyond us!

Then we walked over and explored the USS Midway museum.  It is one of best museums I've ever been to.  I loved learning about how a Navy ship runs and the sheer mass of people and equipment and supplies aboard.

It was pretty funny watching Greg try to get into a fighter plane cockpit.  But he fit those long legs in there somehow!

We took a self guided audio tour, and that was full of interesting tidbits and stories.  I also loved how many instructions were on placards.  Everywhere.

On the top deck, there were many airplanes and helicopters displayed.  There was a volunteer giving a presentation about his experience on a ship like this one during the Korean War.  He was my favorite part on this favorite day.  He had great stories and information.

We did the bridge tour, which included climbing many narrow stairs to get to the top of the tower.

I pretended to be the pilot.

The building to the right is our hotel.

I loved getting update pictures from Tammy.

Another fun adventure was taking an amphibious boat tour.  We went with Dave and Holly, and while we were waiting to board the bus/boat, they were making fun of Greg for wearing a coat in the gorgeous San Diego weather.  We all ate our words when we were barreling down the road at 40 mph in an open vehicle and it was freezing.

Once we were on the water, it was comfortable again because we were going a lot slower.  It was pretty cool to be on a bus that just drove into the water and became a boat.

I was texting Tammy pictures for the girls and she said Cece wanted pictures of us, so we tried to take some selfies.  We need serious work on those...

It was a great trip, but it's always nice to come home and see my girls again.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 1 - 3

Cece loved playing in the snow today.

Lynlee is modelling the new shirt she got from Kanisha, so we could send her a picture.  Super cute dog with glasses.

Cece is usually a great napper.  Today she would not settle down, and I went in multiple times to get her calm and laid down again.  On the last time, I told her I would not come back again.  She was quiet for about 20 minutes, and then yelled for about 5 minutes, before being quiet again.  After a few more minutes, I went to check on her again, and found this:

Cec had pulled all of these slats out of the blinds and then fell asleep on top of them.  What a silly girl!  After a couple of weeks of her doing this almost every day, I moved her bed over, swapping it with the dresser.

The girls and I had already decorated for Christmas, except for the tree.  We need Greg's help with that one, plus it's more fun to do that as a whole family.

Cece lined up all of the ornaments in a row and she was so proud of herself.

In the afternoon, Greg had a basketball game, and my mom came to go to the Living Nativity with us.   We were able to go while it was still light out, and I liked that a lot better. The animals are always a hit.

I loved how this Mary and Joseph looked right at the girls and smiled at them.  They were really touched.


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