Saturday, January 2, 2016


Mom went to Oman to visit Amy for almost the entire month of December.  She got home a couple of days ago, and we got together for our Christmas celebration.  Greg ended up presiding at the funeral of a man in our ward who died on Christmas Day (really sad), but was able to join us just in time for dinner.

The little girls absolutely loved Grandma's new circus tent and happily played in there for quite some time.

Until Jon put Inside Out on his computer for them to watch.  Cece had to wriggle right into the middle of the mix.

Lynnie and Cece preferred playing with the blocks to watching the movie.

Then it was time for caroling while delivering treats to neighbors, and then an epic scavenger hunt.  Grandma divided us into teams (me, Cece, Brian, Lauren, Lyssa and Gwen vs. Bobi, Jon, Ellie, and Lynnie), gave us directions, and sent us on our way.  We had to do things like swing on a swing, make snow angels, touch the temple, and put a puzzle together.  My team inadvertently cheated by combining items and doing them out of order.  So even though we finished first, we did not win because we cheated.  That worked out, because Ellie really wanted to win, and Gwen didn't care...  

Lyssa was the photographer for our team, and I haven't snagged any pictures from her yet.  Here are the two I took.

Jon put some pics from his team on Facebook, so I was able to grab those.

 Our team was leaving the temple as the other team got there, and it was fun to run past them.

After eating dinner, it was time to open presents. Lyssa gave the girls each a cute snowman.

I know we need to break Cece from her bottle.  But now that we have surgery scheduled, I can't bring myself to do it before then.  I feel like she (and I!) will need that comfort.  She really just likes to walk around with it in her teeth.

Cece thought she was pretty hot stuff, standing on her present from Grandma.

Grandma found this baby for Cece that perfectly matches her skin tone.  Cece loves it!

Tired baby!  It was hard work trying to stay upright while playing with her doll.  I got her to fall asleep on me a few minutes after this.

Last up was some delicious cake.  Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year!

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