Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 16 - 20

Cece did pretty well that first night of sleeping.  She and I spent most of the night snuggled in the recliner, but I did put her in my bed with me around 4:30 a.m.  She was a little uncomfortable when it was about time for her next dose of medicine, but overall she coped really well.

After a bath, I dressed her in clean pj's and she snuggled daddy for a long time on the couch.

I was really impressed by how quickly Cece wanted to play, acting like her normal, happy self.   

 We all went with Ellie and Greg to the church for Ellie's basketball lesson.  Cece had more fun than Lynlee (who spent most of the time pouting).  Cece ran all over the gym, chasing the balls.

I tiptoed in to check on Cece during a nap, and it looked like she fell asleep sucking on the doll's bottle.

Apparently Cece lived in pj's for a week after surgery!  We had fun with Kiera and Kylene, who came and spent the afternoon and evening with us.  They even brought and cooked us Sunday dinner -- pork roast and Jonette's famous kraut noodles.  It tasted delicious, especially since it was made with love.  We sure love our cousins!

Lynnie was so excited to line up the Star Wars figures that were done.  It makes me happy to work on them for her because she is so appreciative when they are done.  Wicket and Princess Leia have replaced Puppy.  Lynnie takes them with us everywhere and sleeps with them at night.  It is super cute, but I kind of miss Puppy.

It was fun to go and support Kanisha at her graduation ceremony.  She is a Medical Assistant and got a great job at the same place she was an intern.  Lynnie brought her dolphin since Kanisha had given it to her for Christmas.

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