Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 22 - 26

Ellie came home with her very own school ID.  It is her first one and she was so excited about it!

Greg has been gone a lot lately between working 2 full-time jobs, being Stake President, and squeezing in a few basketball games.  We needed an adventure, so we went to the Puppy Barn to pet puppies.  The girls loved the labs the best.  It was a fun time to see all of the puppies and to realize, even with my NAET treatments for animal dander, I still had a slight reaction to holding this puppy like this for a long time.  It was much less than it would have been before, but I will have to tell Greg his dream of having a lab is still not feasible.

Ellie had a late night with Rachel.  They wore their pajamas and watched part of a movie, and then played the rest of the time.  It was great!

Ellie picked out her first pair of frames.  I really thought she would pick the red Hello Kitty ones (she has been dreaming of those for months), but she went with this one instead.  She did a great job -- they are really cute!

Lynnie loved posing with the stuffies she was taking to church.  She "borrowed" one of Cece's blankets to wrap up Princess Leia.

This is the cutest pirate I've ever seen!

When we ordered Ellie's glasses, the guy said it could take up to 2 weeks but would probably be sooner.  After only a few days, I got the text that her glasses were in!  Ellie was so excited to go and pick them up after school.  She has been begging for glasses for a while, and I kept on trying to talk her out of it.  Her prescription is -1 in each eye, so she is really on the border of needing glasses.  She was convinced that they would really help her so we moved forward.

After picking up her glasses, we did a little shopping at Costco.  Within 10 minutes, Ellie decided glasses were not as fun as she imagined they would be.  She was a good sport about wearing them, even as they hurt, and got used to them in a couple of days.

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