Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 4 - 14

Dentist day!  It always sounds more exciting than it is.  All of the girls did great for their check-ups.  Lynlee and Cece were perfect, and Ellie had 4 cavities.  Poor girl does not have very good teeth genes...

Kent got us a new computer, and came over to set it all up.  It is crazy to me that the little black & silver box is the computer.  The router and the Ooma box are both bigger.

Gymnastics class is always fun.  Cece likes to copy from the sidelines.  I will have to think about finding a time to get her in the Mom and Tots class.

For two Saturdays in a row, Daddy has taken Ellie for basketball lessons at the church.  Lynlee was not invited to come along...  Ellie told me that she is practically an expert now.

Fun times at Costco.  It is always a fight to see who can sit on the milk boxes.  The girls figured out they could all fit if they squeezed in.

And it was even easier when Cece sat on Ellie's lap.

And easiest when Lynlee and Cece both sat on Ellie's lap!

Cece loves play dough!

Cece is so generous and tried to share her milk with her dolly.

Tomorrow is surgery day for Cece's cochlear implants, which means today is her last day wearing hearing aids.  I had visions of a fun photo shoot, and Cece was having none. of. it.

 But playing with her special zebra is always fun -- {R} has a matching one.

Lynlee was pretending to be Leia, but she did not find it amusing when Cece stepped on the back of her robe.

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