Friday, February 5, 2016

Activation Day

Activation Day was here and I felt all of the emotions again -- hope, fear, excitement, nervousness.  {R} came with us and was an excellent support and photographer/videographer.  We started talking with the audiologists.  Dr Cordingley is our audiologist, and she is going to have a baby within a month.  She brought in Dr Dansie so that we would be familiar with him when he helps us while Dr Cordingley is on maternity leave.  After some talking about what to expect, Cece and I moved into the sound booth.

Cece was very accepting of the implant on her head and ear.  She loves doing sound booth testing and waving at the dancing characters.

Cece responded beautifully, and she was hearing the tones.  I maybe cried a little.  She was enthusiastically waving at Goofy.  Dr Cordingley went through a series of tones at different frequencies and different volumes, "mapping" Cece's implant.  It was easy to see when it became all too much.  There were a few tears, as it was overwhelming to Cece to hear those sounds.

The magic formula to happiness was not snuggles from Mom or Dad, or her milk, or waving at{R}, but putting on the YouTube kids app.

After Cece was mapped, we had what looks like an intensive conversation with the audiologists.  Thanks for the picture, {R}!

Dr Chaffin popped in for the activation, which was really nice of him.  Cece's steri-strips should have completely fallen off by now, but one piece was stubbornly holding on.  Dr Chaffin just pulled that thing right off!

We had a quick overview training over our new suitcase full of equipment, and we were done.  Cece did as well as I could have hoped, and it is going to be good to continue moving forward.

One interesting thing I learned is that Cece is turned up gradually, as she is remapped.  We go to back to the audiologist once a week for a month, and then once every two weeks, and etc.  Each time she is remapped, the volume is increased, as well as increasing the difference between soft sounds and loud sounds.  With these first programs, everything is one level.  There is no difference between soft and loud sounds.

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