Sunday, February 28, 2016

Birth Parents Weekend

We had a great time playing with Albert and Kanisha at the park.  Cece was wearing a new pair of shoes and she loved prancing around.

Ellie was nervous to try this fireman's pole, but once she did it, she loved it.

Cece ran up and down this ramp, waiting for Ellie to be done with the fireman's pole.

Cece even let Kanisha hold her on the swing.  For about 5 seconds.

. : bathroom selfie : . 

I was asked to substitute teach in Relief Society.  Greg had a Ward Conference and Cece still has a very hard time in Nursery.  {R} graciously agreed to come and play with Cece so that she would have a familiar face.  Cece was still a little upset -- and probably because I made the mistake of trying to sneak out instead of communicating to Cece that I was leaving.  {R} was magic and got Cece to take a half hour nap, all while sitting on the teeny tiny chair!

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