Monday, February 22, 2016

February 18 - 22

We loved hanging out at the Dinosaur Museum with Jayme, Byron, and Virgil.  It was crazy storming outside, so it was fun when we had to run back to the van afterwards.


 Cece liked the river the best.

Playing in the sand and water table is always a hit.


Oh no! The shark is going to get us!

Cece loves her play dough.

Lynlee woke up with a couple of red bumps on her chin.  I thought it would be just fine, but she insisted on needing a band aid.  Totally fine.  We had a great day.  We played outside with our new R2D2 bubble machine, and ...

... Lynnie had a play date with Katie.

When it was time for her bath, we pulled off the band aid to find a big blister.  Lynnie said it hadn't hurt all day.  I told her we would need to lance it and she freaked out.  But she loved helping me put the needle in the flame, and she calmed down after we poked my finger and her finger and she saw it didn't hurt.  Her skin was so taut that I barely touched it with the needle and all of the goop ran out.  After wearing a band aid the next day, her skin went back to normal and all is well.  It was a weird thing.

Ellie did a very good rendition of Let It Go, complete with a costume change (her Elsa dress is underneath the velvet dress).  She did it all -- throwing her crown, pulling off her cape, all of the actions.  We were all impressed.  Cece joined her in singing a bunch, which is a very encouraging sign.

Playing outside is super fun, especially that we get to spend time with Dad before he leaves for a basketball game.

After Greg left, the girls and I went to meet {R} and play at Artic Circle.

Then we ran some errands.  I needed to get some ink cartridges filled at Think Ink! so we shopped a little at Seagull Book next door while we were waiting for them to be filled.  Cece picked out all of her accessories by herself.  She was styling!

From there we headed to Denver's birthday party.  Jessica did an amazing job with the Inside Out theme, including these gelatin balls (the memories from the movie) on the top of the cake.  Kent and Jessica just moved and it was really fun to see their new house.

Lynnie fell asleep during Family Home Evening.

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