Friday, February 12, 2016

February 8 - 12

Lynnie, Cece, and I are in a good rhythm with Take Home Library now.  We go every Monday morning, and they use the library's crayons and markers to draw on scratch paper while I switch out all of the books.  And either Lynnie or Cece took this fabulous picture. 

We got to go and have Cece remapped.  She did great in the sound booth test, and responded consistently to the sounds.  She was given four new programs, with increasing loudness, and we were able to work through those and get her on program 4 in just a couple of days.  I love this poster that is hanging in the audiologist's office.

Cece absolutely loves to wave at the dancing Minnie Mouse and Goofy.  When she hears a sound, she turns that direction and waves.

At ASL Storytime, Lynnie wanted me to know that this Star Wars book was scary.

Ellie made this poster for HOPE week, where the students were encouraged to be kind and be friends with everyone.

Cece's 2 year old stats were impressive.  95th percentile in height!

Lynnie is getting a lot stronger and can do a bridge by herself now.  Cece loves to watch the class and usually tries out the stretches and things herself on the sideline.

Cece likes to have Lynlee sit on her lap.  She will stick her legs out, pat them, and then point at Lynnie.  It is really cute -- especially because Lynnie is so much bigger than Cece!

Ellie spent a couple of hours on a Friday night and created these elaborate beds for Sugar (the mommy puppy) and her babies.

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