Sunday, February 28, 2016

Golden Hour

Last night I experienced a golden hour, and I want to record it before I forget.  We had played hard all day, including spending the afternoon with Albert and Kanisha.  Cece fell asleep on the drive home, at around 4:20 p.m.  I carried her in the house and snuggled her until I woke her up at 5:30.  Then we all worked together to clean up the house.  The girls had happy attitudes and the work went quickly.  I was finishing up the kitchen when I was struck with gratitude for these beautiful girls.  The music was blasting, the girls were all playing together, and it was a magical moment.

I tend to get caught up in the when-will-basketball-season-be-over-I-never-want-to-pick-up-another-toy-why-do-I-react-personally-to-the-whining-and-tantrums moments of life.  I am grateful for the tender mercy of that hour last night.

And, since no post is complete without a picture, I was excited that Amy emailed me these photos this morning.  She and I sure were cute little babies!

This is my mom as a little girl.  If I remember right (and someone correct me!), she was 4ish.  Grandma had given up on the idea that there would be any more babies and so she had mom's pictures taken professionally. 

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