Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gymnastics and Valentine's Day

Between illness and Kanisha's graduation, we missed a few gymnastics classes this session, so we were excited to go to the make-up class.  We have never been before, and when we got there, Ellie and Lynnie were genuinely confused that they did not get to put on make-up...

We weren't sure how it would go, and when they started the warm-up there were only 5 girls there, so the coach told them they would be one big class.  Lynnie was very excited to be able to stay with Ellie.  But by the end of warm-ups, there were about 20 little girls there, so they split off the oldest 6 (including Ellie) and took them away to do harder things.  Lynnie completely melted down and had to come back to me for some calming time.  Luckily, Piper came and was in the same class!  Once Lynnie realized her cousin was there, she was mostly OK as long as they stood right next to each other.

 Cece and Hudson shared toys really well in the viewing area.

This is the best I could do to have all 4 girls in the same shot.

After the class, Ellie had the great idea that we should all go out to lunch together.  We had a great time visiting some more and watching the kids play.  Then we loaded up in the van and headed to mom's house for a Valentine's Day cookie extravaganza.  We were going to quickly stop by Costco and then go home and change.

There was an accident on the highway, and it took us more than an hour to go one exit -- from the Pleasant Grove exit to 5th East in American Fork.  Even though it was past 2 p.m., Cece would not go to sleep in the stop and go traffic.  I finally bull-dozed my way across 4 lanes to get off the highway to use surface streets.  (And side note, it is a wonder to me why no one would let me over.  No one was going anywhere, and by my exiting the highway, I actually made it easier for the rest of the drivers).  Of course, Cece fell asleep literally 1 minute before I got off the exit and pulled into a gas station for a potty break.  She never did get a nap that day...

We made it to Mom's pretty late (with no Costco trip and skipping going home), and got started.  The girls had a fun time rolling out the dough and cutting out shapes.

And I love the cousins in glasses!

We got a pretty good system going, and by the last batch had two trays ready to go in at once.  I was doing some dishes when I saw billowing smoke coming out of the oven.  After only 5 minutes in the oven, we completely burned these trays.  It was the only time we had two trays in at the same time, and it was clearly the last.

There were still plenty of cookies to decorate.

I tried to take some pictures after church to send some Valentine's Day love to our birth parents.  Cece was having none of it, until..

...she pushed the paper off of the chair.  She was pretty excited about that!

Lynnie loved the ewok valentine she found.

Ellie makes the best faces!

We had our traditional Valentine's Day fancy dinner.

And finished up the night with massages.  It was a great day!

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