Friday, March 25, 2016

March 23 - 25

One of Cece's favorite foods right now is celery.  I think it is because it is one of Lynnie's favorites and she sets a good example of eating it almost every day at lunch.

Ellie was so excited to come home with an astronaut that was her body outline.

Super Hero Lynlee to the rescue!

Cece wanted to get it on the action.

Some days are just plain hard.  Cece is stubborn and likes to do things her own way.  We had really been clashing over her speech therapy and just life in general.  On days like this, I have to sneak into her room to watch her sleeping.  I always get flooded with gratitude that I get to call her my baby and get the chance to be her mommy.

Greg texted and said that he and Tammy had invited Kent & Jess to come over for an impromptu party.  Ellie immediately created a list of things to do with Denver and Baylee.  She told me at least 30 times that she was in charge and would take care of all of the little girls so that the adults could talk and play cards.

1. Concert Ellie singing
2. Star Wars Doll
3. Eat diner {dinner}
4. Move {movie}
5. Play In Side
6. Reading
7. Play
8. Play a Game
9. Hagning Out {Hanging}
10. Dessert
11. Go Home
12. Go to Sleep

Lynnie went on a date with Albert and Kanisha.  They went to the Outlet Malls first, where Kanisha bought her a cute outfit.

Then they went to Walmart for art supplies.

And then to Albert's brother's house to create a painting masterpiece.  The kids threw eggs full of paint at the canvas.  They were trying to create an outline of the animals, but there were gaps so the paint dribbled down over everything.  Oh, well.  Lynnie loved the project.

Last, they came back home where Lynnie modeled her new outfit.

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