Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 8 - 19

Cece is loving that basketball is (mostly) over and takes every chance she can to snuggle Daddy.

Congratulations to me.  I have successfully taught Ellie how to study for a test, and not to actually learn the material.  

She was having a really hard time with this week's spelling words.  I figured out that the list was in a pattern (er, ir, ur = 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, then another & through).   Ellie remembered the pattern and got 10/10 on the test.  But she can't really spell these words...  Mom fail there, really.

Lynnie had her kindergarten check-up and shots.  She was excited to have a date with Daddy but  really nervous about her shots.  She got through it and tried hard to be brave.

. : antics at violin lessons : .

We spent a few hours at the Seven Peaks Fun Center and had a great time.  It seemed pretty busy when we first got there, but none of the lines were very long.  Ellie was most excited to climb the rock wall, so we tried that out first.  It took her a few tries to get really going, but eventually she climbed higher than Greg's head.

Next we headed outside to do some mini-golfing.  There is a fake Mt Rushmore at the Fun Center, and every time we drive past it Lynnie tells me Wicket the Ewok lives there with those men.  She was over the moon excited that we got to walk next to it, and then through it, while we were golfing.  At then she was fall on the ground sad/mad that we couldn't find Wicket and that he didn't actually live there...

Cece was a natural!  She hit that ball all over.  The battery in her implant had died and I had not brought any back-ups.  It was actually a good experience to show me how much sound she is recognizing with her implant on (in contrast to this outing with the implant off).

Lynnie was having a hard time with her putter so she mostly rolled her ball into the holes.

We raced home to get changed and then headed up to the girls' violin recital.

This is the first time that Lynnie played a song in the recital (and not the jingle bells).  She played the Twinkle rhythms on the A string.  Ellie played the first 5 songs on the program.

Lynnie was worn out from a long week and listened to most of the recital like this.

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