Sunday, March 13, 2016

Update on Cece

Cece and I have been working hard on her therapies this week.  We met with Kim, the Auditory Verbal Therapist (AVT) for the second time on Monday.  We came home with the assignment to sing 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed every day, and to work on the words MAMA, NO (emphasizing in the song) and HI and BYE BYE.  We met with Lori, our PIP AVT on Wednesday, and she reinforced Kim's lesson as well as working on Ling's 6 sounds (ah, ee, oo, mm, ss, and sh).  Lori said something that really clicked with me and motivated me to continue.  She said Cece has been turned up enough now that we are all confident she hears noise.  Now is the time to help her label those noises and identify them as words that communicate meaning.

Cece has gotten a lot of communication mileage in her life out of saying "aaahhhh!" and pointing or signing what she wants.  Lori gave me the assignment that every time Cece says "aaahhh!" to give her three chances to say MAMA before letting her sign what she wants.

I immediately put that assignment to work on Wednesday.  Cece would say "aaahhh!" and I would get close (within a 3 foot radius for optimum hearing), point to my lips and say, "say mama."  She just looked at me all day Wednesday and Thursday.  But Friday morning, after my second invitation to "say mama," 


(and yes, I am shouting that)

It was a cheer worthy moment and we celebrated hard.  That is the first time Cece has verbally said a recognizable word on command.

Friday afternoon, Grandma came for our deaf mentor session.  When we were saying good-bye, we went through the homework from Kim.  Grandma and I took turns encouraging Cece to say BYE BYE.  She kept on waving.  And then she turned and put her head down on my shoulder, and 

said BYE BYE!!!  

More big celebrations for her second word on command!

On Saturday, Cece said MAMA three separate times.  The first two times, she said it after my first invitation to say mama.  The third time, I was asking her to say JUICE (since she was signing JUICE) and she said MAMA.  I still count that as a win :)

This baby is on a roll!

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Elizabeth said...

Soooo exciting!!! Such amazing progress!! Wish I were there to experience it with you :)


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