Saturday, April 23, 2016

Let's Play Music Recital

Ellie and Lynnie had their Let's Play Music recital and they did awesome.  They were both nervous about being in front of the big crowd, but once they got up there they did fine.  Ellie had a rehearsal that morning at 11, and she is independent, so I dropped her off and then went back to get her when she was done.  Lynlee's rehearsal was at 1, and the recital was at 2.  I thought I told Greg that I would try to leave Lynlee at the rehearsal, but that if she was nervous I would just stay and he could bring Ellie and Cece over at 1:45.

Albert and Kanisha and Grandma got there around 1:50.  I chatted for a few minutes and then realized the rest of my family was no where in sight.  I quickly texted Greg asking where they were.  He texted back, "should I be there now?"  "YES!  It starts in 2 minutes."  Afterwards we worked out that he thought I was coming home to get them no matter what...  Greg managed to get Cece woken up, diaper bag thrown together, and everyone to the recital (which was at our church) by 2:04.  But Ellie missed the big opening number.  Oh, well.  I think I was the only one who noticed.

Lynnie has really good rhythm on her sol-do-sol-TAP part on this song.

Ellie was playing her heart out on this song, but her keyboard wasn't producing any sound.  Miss Sheryl fixed it at the end.

Ellie played the do-re-mi scale on the piano and Lynnie played it on the bells.  Then they both play the do-mi-mi part.  Lynnie could successfully play that in our practice, but only once at a time.  Ellie was the only one playing that part on the piano.

Getting her first year certificates at the end of the recital.

Ellie receiving her 2nd year certificates.

Trying to get a picture afterwards was comical.  These are the best two out of the ten I took...

At least Lynnie still likes to pose.

And be silly!

Miss Sheryl is an amazing teacher and we are so grateful that she started teaching LPM.  She reached out on Facebook for kids to come to a sample class, and Ellie was there.  And we have been there ever since.  It is wonderful!

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