Saturday, May 7, 2016

April 30 - May 7

We got Cece down for a nap and left her at home with Greg, while Ellie, Lynnie, and I went to Courtney's baby shower.  So excited that Mom-Julie is about to become Grandma-Julie!

One of the activities at the shower was to decorate some blocks for baby Bentley Kylo.  Lynnie's favorite three sides are on the top and Ellie's are on the bottom.

Ellie loves having one more sister (since Courtney married her big brother Bryson, Ellie gets another sister, right?).

Ellie had ridden her bike and Lynnie and I walked.  Coming up our hill was tough work, and Lynnie was quick to run up and give Ellie a push.  She ended up pushing sister most of the way up the hill.

Painting is fun, especially when you paint a new animal mask.  Good thing this is washable paint.  Cece got a little excited about painting this time.

More awesome papers from Ellie.

Tree1 Hello you are I like your dress.
Tree2 Thank you for saying that.
Tree1 Your welcome what is your name.
Tree2 My name is lily what your name.
Tree1 My name is josh Thank you.
Tree 2 your Welcome I have to go soon.
Tree1 Me to lily but we can play ageun {again}
Tree2 Bye see you soon.
Tree1 yeah I hope to to.

Birth Mother's Day is a special day set aside to honor Birth Mothers.  It is the Saturday before Mother's Day.  {R} and I met for pedicures in the morning and then Greg and the girls came and met us for lunch.  {R} entertained them for a long time with the silly faces on her phone.  I think it is from the SnapChat app, but I'm not cool enough to have that on my phone, so I'm not really sure...

We made sure to send some virtual love to {T} and {M}.

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