Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Sometimes I get bogged down in the repetition and minutia of motherhood.  I am glad for the chance to stop, take a breath, and recognize the blessing that it is to have these precious girls call me mother.  

I started feeling ill on Friday afternoon.  I managed to rest until Greg got home, and then I went to bed around 7:00.  I had a wonderful morning with {R} to celebrate Birth Mother's Day on Saturday.  And I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat.

I elected to have the antibiotic shot, because the doctor said sometimes that gives faster relief.  I was also thinking it would be a time saver over having an oral antibiotic prescription filled somewhere else.

Bad idea.

Really bad idea.

I did not know that I would receive that lovely shot in my hip, or that it would sting so much going in.

I also did not expect to have an allergic reaction, where my whole body broke out into a sweat and I could not breathe.

Let me tell you, when you tell the front desk you are having a reaction to a shot, you get instant help.  I was in the back with my vitals taken faster than you can say "allergic reaction."

After some water and sitting in a room by myself for almost an hour, I was declared safe to drive and could leave.

Note to self:  never elect for an antibiotic shot again.

My hip still hurts (4 days later).

The good thing about having strep throat over Mother's Day weekend is that Greg had cleared his schedule already, so I could relax and sleep.  

Ellie took very good care of me, always bringing me drinks of water.

I received very special and thoughtful cards.

This was Ellie's gift from school.  My favorite:   My super mom is as smart as... a dad.

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