Saturday, June 4, 2016

Celebrating Kylene and Tobyn

The wedding festivities kicked off with Ky and Tobyn receiving their endowments on Thursday morning.

Grandma Camp played with the girls while Greg and I were at the temple, and when we got home they were playing outside.  Lynnie and Cece wanted to show off their skills going down the hill.

Jonette's sister and niece and her family came to town for the wedding.  We met up with the whole group Friday morning at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  Ellie was in heaven having so many of her favorite people there -- Kyle, Jonette, Ky, Tobyn, Kiera, and Kaysen.  Whew!  What a lucky girl!  She spent most of her time with one of them while I entertained Lynnie and Cece.

The big people did the high ropes course and we watched for part of the time.  Lynnie and Cece pretended this photo booth was a spaceship.  The funniest part was when Ky went over to check on them and tried to get in to play for a minute.  Cece emphatically pointed out of the booth and made Ky leave...

Saturday was the day of the much anticipated sealing.  Ky is the first Spencer grandchild to get married, and Grandpa was able to seal them.  It was pretty special.  My mom played with the girls while Greg and I headed to the sealing, and then brought them down to Paysen so they would be there for pictures afterwards.

We are so excited for Kylene and Tobyn as they start this adventure together called marriage.

Here are some pictures that Ky posted on her Facebook page.  Gotta love real photographer quality!

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