Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 9 - 11

My summer would not be complete without a visit to Girls' Camp!  My mom and Tammy split the shift babysitting the girls, and Tammy texted me some pictures of their dinner at Rumbi.  

That reminded me that I had not taken any pictures yet, so I snapped a couple at the fireside.  I loved seeing those YCLs, which included Hailey (you can just see her top knot over the sunglasses girl's head), Shaylee (next to Hailey) and Brinn (down the row with a grey sweatshirt over her shoulders).  These girls are so great and such good examples!  Ellie and Lynnie notice everything that Hailey and Brinn do.

Hailey got to do roll call, and introduce the guest speaker and Greg.  She was amazing!  Confident and well spoken, rolling with the punches.  It was fun to see her doing this and marveling at how much she has grown up.

Just for fun:  this is March 2010.  Hailey was Ellie's first babysitter.  It came about because I was on the Library Board, which met on Mutual night, so all of the babysitters were at church.  Julie and I were working together in the Primary presidency, and I must have been complaining about my dilemma.  She basically volunteered her daughter, who was either 10 or 11.  I would bring Ellie to their house, where Hailey took care of her but Julie was there as a back-up.  It was a wonderful plan!

During family prayer, Cece leaned over and wrapped her arm around Ellie.  Then Ellie wrapped her arm around Lynnie and pulled her in.  Pure sweetness!

Our favorite park has gotten even better with a cool new set of swings.

 Cece even sat in there for a minute with Lu.  That is saying something, since generally Cece does not like swings.

Ellie loved pushing her baby in the baby swing.

We got to spend the day at the Ogden campus of the Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind for PIP's family camp.  Ellie and Lynnie got to be in the same class for 5-6 year olds, and Cece went to the 2 year old class.  Crying and screaming, she was, but she went and stayed with them all day.  Greg and I got to listen to three interesting speakers and have a small group discussion in our adult class.

When it was time for lunch, Cece came to me with a blow-out diaper.  We headed out to the van in the pouring rain to get her changed in the extra clothes.  It was a good reminder to me to switch those out because nothing fit.  Cece ended up in a size 6 shirt and size 24 month skirt.  It worked.

At lunch, Cece only sorted her M&Ms and ate two bites of bread.

And then, Rachel from Signing Time came in (she had been the main speaker in the morning for the adults).  Cece spotted her and pointed.  Then she signed FRIEND and SIGNING TIME.  She was so excited to go over by Rachel, but then pretty shy and hesitant when it came time for a picture.

We stopped by the Lifetime store on our way home to look at playground options.  Lynnie and Cece loved the wiggle cars and Ellie loved the tether ball.

Cece was asking me where Ellie was, and ...

...where Lynnie was.

The PIP Camp had a "real" photographer roaming around, and I snagged these pictures that were shared with the participants:
 Ah, the look of uncertainty and nervousness on Cece's face!  Makes my heart ache...  I knew she wasn't having a good day :(

 Lynnie was trying to help Cece smile.

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