Saturday, July 30, 2016

Birthday Visit

Ellie's favorite day all year is when we get to play with Tayler and celebrate their birthdays (only two days apart).  We met at the new splash pad by our house and had a great time.  We beat Tayler and her family there, and Ellie anxiously awaited their arrival.

Presents were first on the agenda.  Ellie loved the new Baby Alive from Tayler.

Ellie spent a lot of time drawing this card for Tayler.  The front had a picture of a turtle, and Ellie drew another one inside.  Her heartfelt note is the best thing I think I have ever read!

to my favorite mom
tayler! Dear tayler
You are the Best mom!
I will always love you.
even if you die.
love Ellie

Then we spent a couple of hours happily playing in the water and on the playground.

Cece also loved the new doll.

We sure love Tayler and her sweet family!  I am grateful every day for her, and that we know her and are a part of her life.

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my heck that card is darling!!


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