Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cece's Progress & Neptune Park

Cece is making a lot of progress!  Last November, pre-implant, we did a baseline on her listening skills.  They were not very good, which we were not surprised at, since she couldn't really hear or process anything.  Her results are in the shaded area on this chart, which is not where you want your child to be.  Today at our audiologist appointment, we answered the questionnaire again, and all celebrated because she has moved out of the shaded area, which means she is out of the danger zone and above the 25th percentile.  Go, Cece!

Our last Kindermusik class of the summer was super fun.  Ellie tried to help me "hammock" Cece, but we couldn't do it together.  Hammocking Puppy is much more fun.

We've been trying to find time to spend a chunk of time at Neptune Park (which we drove by to get to Miss Leda's house), but we were always hurrying off somewhere (usually to play with Amy).  This was our last class, so we just stopped.  It was fun, but really, really hot.  We didn't last very long.

Ellie is in the middle of this picture, and Lynnie is walking on the ground.

Cece found this seat in the semi-shade and was content to swing with the baby doll.

. : almost there : . 

Ellie made it to the top!

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