Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 11 - 17

We love going to swimming lessons at the Jan Lamb Swim School.  It's held at a private house tucked away in a ravine about five minutes from our house.  The first day, we saw two baby deer running through the trees, and Cece was sad that we never saw them again.

Ellie and Lynnie were up first.  Ellie loved being the oldest and most experienced in her class.  I had a hard time deciding back at registration where to put her.  The classes are divided as Minnows, ages 3-6, and Sting Rays, ages 6-8.  I decided it would probably be good to keep her and Lynnie together for one last summer.

After their class was over, Cece and I got to go to the Parent & Tot class.  I asked Ellie to take some pictures of us.

 Ellie is fearless and loves to go off the diving board.

Lynlee is officially an UPSTART graduate!  I am proud of her hard work over this last year.  She has learned a lot, and is even reading.

It is special to see Greg being able to set apart these men that were special to him when he was their Bishop.  I love when my friends post pictures like this on Facebook that I can snag.

Somehow we got on the list to go with David to a customer appreciation night with one of his clients.  It was a fun night with cousins and Aunt Tammy!  We started with a train ride.

And then went to face painting before the lines got too long.  Cece was nervous, and the expert suggested doing her arm.  It was perfect.

I loved the real artists that were there.  Ellie asked for an owl, and her artist didn't even hesitate.  She created this darling owl.

Lu got a dolphin.

Then we used our food vouchers for a yummy free dinner from the food trucks.  We got Costa Vida and Waffle Love and a L'il Caeaser's Pizza.

Ellie took a selfie, and...
...a picture of Andrew Batman.

Next we played for a long time on this giant bounce house.  It was in the shade and that made the temperature just right.

We walked up to the front building for a potty break and some mini-golf, and then on our way back ran into these princesses.  Cece just stood there and smiled at them.

The last thing we did was get snow cones, and then watched Ellie and Andrew rock climb.  Ellie did the best she's ever done, going up more than halfway.

Building Legos with your sister is the best way to spend a Saturday morning.

Lynlee got to go with Albert to her cousin Alex's birthday party.  She had a great time.

Her favorite part was the water balloon fight.

Cece's hair was absolutely perfect this day, and I was trying to get a picture of it that would do it justice.  I wasn't having much luck, but Ellie and Lynlee hopped in there to try to help, and I ended up with the sweetest sister picture.

Happy birthday to the best man I know!

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