Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 18 - 23

Cece is loving our summer Kindermusik "camp."  I have missed taking a girl to class with Miss Leda.  She has moved from 2 minutes away to 20 minutes away, but it is still worth it to go.  Miss Leda is so generous with the all the girls, letting them sit in on each other's classes (Lynnie also was able to squeeze into the preschool class one last time).

Going to the Animal Fair -- you know, the birds and the beasts were there, and the big baboon by the light of the moon, was combing his auburn hair...

In Cece's class, they built something (a bridge, maybe?) by pounding a rat-a-tat-tat rhythm.  Cece thought for sure she should do that in Lynnie's class, too.

Lynnie doing strength moves on the bar.

Ellie on the beam.

After gymnastics we went to Rumbi for dinner.  Cece was trying to take my picture on Ellie's iPod.

Wednesday was a busy day!  We started with some sister snuggles (that I'm sure Ellie was really excited about), and...

...played for a few minutes at Neptune Park on our way to Kindermusik, and ...

... had great classes, especially when Cece got to play Miss Leda's violin, and ...

... hung out with Aunt Amy, and then came home to play with friends and paint our faces, and ...

... went to McKinzie's bridal shower.  Kinz was one of my very first piano students in Utah, and we have always clicked.  I started teaching her when she was in kindergarten, and now she is a returned missionary and about to be married!  She is adopted, and was my first real introduction to how adoption can work well.  I claim her as my first daughter (tied with Ky and Kiki), and it was fun to be introduced at her shower as one of her second moms!  I told the girls we were not going to stay very long, but they were so well behaved we ended up staying for most of the party.  I loved this gorgeous light as we were leaving.

We were playing with Baylee and Denver, and Ellie got B to take a nap on her lap.  We thought it was cute that B had to be touching E's neck the whole time.

Just a little light reading.

Cece was trying to get Lynnie to sit on her lap.

Amy's flight was schedule to leave in the evening, so Aunt Chris hosted a brunch to say good-bye to her.  Robyn was passing through town, and we realized this was the first time all 5 of us Camp siblings had been together in years.  So of course we had to take a picture.
Robyn, Amy, Bobi, Heather, and Jon

Ellie and Lynnie were in heaven that there was a baby there to hold.  Maya is their 2nd cousin, and Lynnie especially was excited that they are both Latina and with Mexican heritage.

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