Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4 - 6

We hosted a small gathering on the 4th of July to say good-bye to the Kinghorns, who are moving to Arizona.  Kelly, Greg, and Tammy have become good friends over the years, and met while reffing basketball.  I love Leesa and all their kids.  It was fun to have Amy and Mom join us (although I didn't get a picture of them) and for Amy and Meg to chat.  Meg just got back from  teaching English in China, so they swapped stories.  She also got back from her mission in Chicago last winter, so mom had fun reminiscing with her as well.

After eating and hanging out inside, most of us headed out to play this game that I can never remember the name of -- yard golf?  This is the last time we played in our yard before completely digging it up...

Lynnie collected these rocks so she could build things out of them.  She insisted I take a picture.

Cece loves Finn.  She followed him around all day long.

Ellie picked some raspberries for everyone to share.

Skyler, Finn, Leesa, Tammy, Abby, Kelly, Meg 

Cece decided that watermelon is her new favorite food and it's pretty much all she ate for three days.

Go away, I'm eating!

We always love visiting Tarzan and Jane at the library.

More fun at the splash pad.  We actually got to get in the water this time.  Last time we waited 45 minutes while they were fixing something and the water was off the whole time, before we gave up and went home.

 Ellie and Hope immediately explored everything.

Lu and Cece were more cautious, and we spent all of our time in the river, staying away from any sprayers.

 Ellie went in to get Cece and ended up crawling in her bed.  They played for quite a while, pretending to be babies taking naps.

This is Cece's am-I-in-trouble-because-I-dropped-my-implant? face.

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