Friday, July 1, 2016

June 27 - July 1

Cece has a love/hate relationship with the ENT office.  She loves Chloe, the receptionist.  She loves the waiting room and the books and toys they have.  She loves Dr Cordingley, the audiologist, and sound booth testing.  She doesn't mind Dr Chaffin, the ENT.  She hates Kim, her AVT.  She sees Kim and will burst into tears.

The problem?  It feels like we are at this office at least once a week, and the majority of the appointments are with Kim.  Cece is always optimistic and happy until she sees just who will come around the corner to get us...

Albert has started coming to gymnastics every week to hang out and see Lynlee.  It is really sweet.  The first few times, Lynlee tried extra hard and was in show off mode.  Now, it's just normal, and she shows Albert her "normal" self.  Including tears sometimes, because gymnastics is hard and it pushes her outside of her comfort zone.

It was time to get Lynlee "big girl" glasses.  We headed to Costco to pick out some frames.  Lu loves Ellie's glasses, and did not like any of the other frames available.  Luckily, the nice lady who works there found a pair of adult glasses that look almost identical to Ellie's and are small enough to fit Lu.  

Cece loves to sing!  She especially loves to dance to and sing along with the Granite Flats theme song.

An afternoon at the splash pad is always fun.  Especially if your friend gets to come along.  And even if you don't feel like taking pictures. 

Lynnie is getting to be quite the pro at riding the wiggle cars at Grandma's house.

Cece will often bring me a bottle of nail polish and ask for her nails painted.

. : new glasses : . 

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