Saturday, July 9, 2016

Spencer Family Reunion, Conclusion

Friday was the last full day of the reunion and we spent it at Seven Peaks.  Tanya had the forethought to reserve two giant cabanas, and they made all the difference on this scorching hot day.  Someone was always there, so it was safe to leave all of our things as we all went back and forth to play.  The girls' favorite activity was the wave pool.  We spent quite a while in the kiddie pool part, too, and Ellie liked the slides there.  We never got brave enough to try the bigger slides.  Maybe next time.

We headed back to the hotel (after giving the girls another car nap) where we had Pizza Factory for dinner.  Note to self for next time:  the bread twists, cheese pizza, and Hawaiian pizzas were the favorites.  Do not get the Factory Deluxes.  Then, Tanya had arranged for Cold Stone to come in and cater dessert.  It was pretty fun!  

I had to take this picture of just how Cece was clutching on to Greg's arm.

A bunch of the cousins decided to head to the hotel pool one last time, and we decided we had had enough swimming for the day.  We randomly hung out in Grandma's hotel room, and Jonette's hotel room, and Tammy's hotel room.  The highlight was definitely playing with Macy.  

The downside of this was discovering the next morning that we had lost Ellie's shoes sometime during the evening.  I was at the front desk seeing if anyone had turned them in, when Jonette came down to check out.  Mystery solved -- Ellie had taken her shoes off to get up on the bed with Macy and then left her shoes in the room.

Saturday morning we checked out of the hotel bright and early and dropped off all of the little cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house, where Tammy volunteered to stay with them all.  The big cousins did baptisms for the dead, and the adults + Kylene and Tobyn did sealings.  Grandpa is a sealer now and it was a special experience to be there with him.  It was pretty special to look around the room and see all of the adults there (minus Lisette who stayed back with her special needs children).  Every one of the Spencers were there, temple worthy, and ready to particpate.  Did I say pretty special?  I really mean extraordinarily special.

After the temple, we went back to Grandma's house for a family meeting, led by Grandpa, and then a time for testimonies.  When I first got the reunion agenda, I thought Saturday was kind of a throwaway day.  But I was very wrong.  It turned out to be my very favorite day!  Despite the fact that we were all packed into the living room, and Rod was sitting right on top of the air conditioning vent.  He was so cold he grabbed a pillow from the couch and blocked the air.  The rest of us were dying because it got so stuffy.  Oh, well.

I love that the Spencers invest in their family and make time to invest in relationships.  Did we all blissfully get along all week?  No.  Did people squabble and tease and hurt feelings?  Yes.  Is anyone perfect?  No.  Does everyone agree that a reunion every two years is the best idea?  No.

But above all, there is a sense of unity and that we are all on the same team.  I loved watching relationships being built and renewed, especially the relationships that Ellie and Lynnie were forging with their cousins and aunts and uncles.

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