Thursday, July 7, 2016

Spencer Family Reunion, Day 2

On day 2, our big adventure was meeting at Snowbird, taking family pictures, and then doing whatever activities we wanted at the ski resort.  Ellie and Greg decided to try out the Alpine Slide, and then we all rode the tram to the top of the mountain.

We got done with pictures pretty quickly, so we had a little time to wait until the activities opened.  Cece loved the little animals.

Ellie was pretty nervous riding the lift.  Good thing Daddy was there to keep her safe.

Cece and Lynnie clapped and cheered as everyone came down the hill.  Go, Tammy, go!

Then it was time to meet up with everyone to ride the tram.  We had just enough time for Greg and the girls to grab some pizza and an apple for a snack.  The view on the ride was stunning.

Cece usually loves selfies, but she was pretty nervous on the tram.

 I packed the girls' jackets around all morning, and they got a little cumbersome.  I was glad I made the effort when we got to the top and they were freezing.  I was just right...

Kyle and Greg had some serious business to discuss.

The girls were not as enamored with the view as I was.  We had about 20 minutes to wander around up top, and then we caught the tram right back down.

Cece fell asleep on Greg's shoulder almost immediately.

We drove around a little bit up, going up the mountain, until Ellie and Lynnie fell asleep as well.  Then we just kept on driving for almost two hours, getting them caught up on some sleep.

At dinner that night, we met in a conference room at the hotel and had Costa Vida catered.  It was delicious!

This was my favorite night.  The "big kids" (aka the teenagers and young adults) busted out board games, the adults sat around talking, and the little kids ran around, playing their hearts out.  It was so much fun to reconnect with our relatives and build those relationships.

Jasmine, Ellie, Byron
Baby Virgil, Lynlee, Ben

Jasmine, Ellie, Byron
Virgil, Denver, Lynlee, Zoe, Ben

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