Thursday, July 7, 2016

Spencer Family Reunion Photo Shoot

Staci and I were in charge of the pictures this year.  We also did the ones in Montana four years ago, and they turned out fine, so Tanya asked us to do it again.  Staci brought her tripod and I handled edits.  It helps that we were in such a gorgeous setting up at Snowbird.

Virgil, Cheryl, Daniel, Tamara

Jace, Tylan, Cassandra, Brayden
Todd, Rachel

Kaysen, Tobyn, Kylene, Kyle, Jonette, Kiera

Greg, Lynlee
Eliana, Heather, Cecilia

Parker, Dallin, Stacilyn, Paul

Hannah, Lisette, Scott, Landon
Luke, Aunika, Dylan, Ben
Zoe, Kaia, Nate

Jayme, Virgil, Jasmine, Byron

Emily, David, Tanya, Andrew

Tanya and Tamara

Kent, Jessica
Denver, Bailey

Daniel, Tammy

Can we get this show on the road already?

The Original Spencer Family in age order
Todd, Kyle, Greg, Scott, Paul, Mom & Dad, Rod, Tanya, Tamara, Kent, and Daniel

All the men -- the Spencer boys + David

All the women

The gorgeous grandchildren.  Just missing Clayton, who is serving a mission.

An outtake -- what it looked like as everyone was getting settled.

Silly faces!

Right after the grandchildren pictures, we all lined up to take a giant group photo.  I set the timer on the camera and ran to get in place.  Nothing seemed to happen, so I went back to double-check.  Somehow my preview screen had gotten turned little and I couldn't figure out how to make it the normal size again.  I looked at the last picture taken, and in my rush, just saw the tiny thumbnail full of people and colors and thought it had worked.  I set the camera up to take 10 more pictures and ran back again.  After a minute of fake smiling and people talking, I double-checked again, and thought we were good.

After we left Snowbird, I was flipping through the pictures on the camera.  I figured out how to get the preview back to the regular size, and quickly realized there were no pictures from the large group.  I had a bunch of pictures of grass.  Total user error happened there.  I am not sure what I did, but no pictures were taken.  I was so sick to my stomach.

Luckily, everyone was nice and wore their shirts to dinner that night (except Rod and Jayme, who had totally trashed with milkshake shirts -- so they found clean coordinating shirts in their luggage).  Even though people were nice, I am still kicking myself for not taking a second longer to make sure those pictures were there, and figuring out what had gone wrong.  I had practiced with the self timer, but clearly did not practice enough.

This turned out fine, but it is not as great as it would have been in the beautiful mountain setting.

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