Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 17 - 21

Cece loves to conduct music and sing.

I quickly threw Cece's hair into a high ponytail and she loved it.  For about 4 minutes.

We were all missing Ellie after she went back to school.  To distract ourselves, we went to The Farm and played.  

Cece liked the wagon ride.  She just didn't like standing here for a picture.

Cece actually rode the pony!  I snapped a picture, and then held on to her the rest of the time, but she gripped the pommel with one hand and my shirt with the other.  It was a big improvement over last time.

Lulu is a pro and loved every second of her ride.

We finished up our adventure with an ice cream cone at the deli.

Fridays are early out days and we love it. Ellie is done at 12:15.  We headed straight to the splash pad after she got home.  A bunch of kids were racing their shoes, and Cece figured out how to be a bridge.  She loved watching for the next shoes to come.

This sparkly outfit was Cece's birthday present from her birth mom.  She wore it a lot last winter/spring, but then it didn't fit very well around her waist.  She has shot up lately, and it fits even better now.  I was glad that she picked to wear it to church.

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