Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 24 - 31

I love getting to drive the girls to school on Wednesday mornings while Greg has an early meeting for work.  Lynlee marched right in, hung up her backpack, and found her desk.  She looked so grown up.

Cece just cracks me up.  All the time!  She loves the remote for her cochlear implant.  She carries it around and pretends it is a phone.  She likes to make the screen light up and beep when she pushes the buttons.

My cute mom posted this on Instagram:

Lynnie set up her dolls and Puppy with some books so they wouldn't be bored while she was at school.

This is Cece's newest favorite pose for pictures.

Lynlee is the mom of twins, in case you were wondering.

We love spending Saturdays as a family.  My friend Tiff's daughter was having a bake sale to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research (Abby has T1D).  We went there and got some yummy treats and soda.

 Ultra Steam had recently gotten a new truck, and next we drove up to get a bed cover installed.  They were super fast, and we didn't have to wait in the store very long.

Next up was a swim party hosted by the girls' school.  It was fun to see friends and spend the evening swimming.

Lucky for us, we got to finish up our late night hanging out with Kiki and Tammy.  Kiki was in town for Clayton's homecoming and we snagged some of her time for snuggles and laughs.

Every time we go to the aquarium, Ellie thinks about touching the electric eel shock thing.  She hasn't done it yet, but maybe next time.

The girls thought this bird looked like a phoenix, their school mascot.

The new Asia exhibit had animals and not many sea creatures, so that was interesting. We loved seeing the leopards.

{R} was with us, and it was a great visit.  She showed off her muscles by carrying Cece for a very long time.

. : playing with Ellie's glasses : .

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