Monday, August 15, 2016

August 5 - 15

Nothing like a fun ride with Aunt Tammy in the side-by-side to make it the best night ever.

. : funny faces : .

where did Lu find that binkie?

Babies are so precious.  And delicious.

Swinging is Cece's favorite thing to do now.  A big change from a few months ago, when she would scream if she even looked at a swing.

Paul, Staci, Dallin, Parker, and Kyralyn came over for cake and ice cream to celebrate Ellie's birthday one more time.  You can never have too much chocolate texas sheet cake.

Our charter school creates its own calendar.  Last year it followed the Alpine School District calendar, but this year, ASD only has 6 days off for Christmas Break.  So RA decided to start a week early and take 11 days off at Christmas.  And, thus, it was time for our back-to-school haircuts.

Originally, both girls wanted just a trim.  Then Ellie said she wanted to cut her hair to her chin,  And as we were driving over, Lynnie said she wanted to cut hers to her chin as well.

Take a picture of us jumping!

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Elizabeth said...

I recognize that baby!! So fun to have you come visit :)


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