Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ellie's First Day of School & Lynnie's Kindergarten Assessment

The long awaited first day of school has arrived!  Ellie was feeling a range of emotions from palpable nervousness to overwhelming excitement.  She picked out her first day outfit and we headed out to take pictures.

It was also Lynlee's Kindergarten assessment, and she wanted to wear a uniform as well.  So, of course, we had to take pictures with her, too.

Cece was on board as well.

Greg goes to a conference in Chicago four times a year, and because RA started early, he missed the first day of school.  We Facetimed him for about an hour, so he was with us for everything from breakfast to the photo shoot to driving over, and even walking in.  Technology is magic.

Lined up, and still talking with Daddy.

Mrs Dominguez came out to get the children.  I love seeing all of the children lined up with their bags of school supply donations.

And, she's off!

 Then we headed over to wait for Lynlee's kindergarten assessment.  I signed up for the 2nd appointment of the day, mostly because our friend Katie had also signed up for that time.  I don't know if the teachers got started late or if everything was taking longer than expected, but our 8:25 appointment didn't get started until 8:50.  That is a long time to wait when you are nervous.  Good thing we had Cece to keep us entertained!

We were lucky enough to get Mrs Holmgren (the kindergarten team was working together so it was random which teacher you saw).  I was impressed with how well Lynnie did, and was able to see how prepared she was from UPSTART.  She knew everything she was assessed on, from the letters to their sounds to addition to science facts.  She even read 80% of the sight words.  The only thing she got wrong was the "q" because the font it was in did not have a tail.  She said it was puh-puh-P.  And she didn't know the word rhombus for a diamond (or something like that -- I didn't know it either).

It was a successful day, but it was long being home without Ellie.  Good thing we have a new backyard to play in.

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